Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday - Wineday

Jesse and Erin picked us up this morning and we headed north to the Dundee Hills of the Willamette Valley.      Tasting the area's famous Pinot Noir was on our minds.   We stopped for lunch at Red Hills market in Dundee to fortify us for the days activities....  We sat outside in the sun and ate our delicious lunches.


turkey, arugula, apple and cream cheese, mmmmm

wood fired pizza with fresh basil, mmmm

After lunch we drove up into the hills for our first tasting stop - Archery Summit Winery.  The drive up was beautiful, acre after acre of grapes clinging to the hillsides, their neat rows and the shadows in between made wonderful patterns.   Some of the rows had roses planted at their end, a tradition I know, but I think the practical reason is because roses are often susceptible to the same diseases as wine grapes, so they provide an early warning system for the winery workers.

Oh Dave.....    how he loves to smell those roses!

got to keep up

I'm going to stop this post for tonight and try again in the morning.  The computer is not reproducing pictures correctly, or maybe its the blog poltergeist again.  Sorry, check in later for the rest of the winery pictures.

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