Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday - at the coast

We packed up the rugs, our little marigold, the river rocks that have held down our outdoor rugs, the ex pen, took down the birdfeeder (much to the noisy displeasure of lots of chickadees), washed the windshield, played ball, emptied the garbage and recycling, ate lunch and were on the road by noon.   I followed Dave and Beluga to a nearby campground to get a top off for our propane tank.  We expect to have to use the heat more in the next month or two, so its better to have a full tank and no surprises.  Dave isn't happy with the air pressure in one of the inside duel tires, so we'll have to keep an eye on it. 

cleaning Beluga's windshield...check out the tongue

good bye Eugene
After the propane fill, we got on route 126 and headed west, to Florence. It is another beautiful ride, along the shallow shore of Fern Ridge Lake.  The water almost laps at the road and many red-eyed Western Grebe's swim and dive within feet of us.   The road takes us up into the fern and moss covered trees of the coastal range and then down to cross the Suislaw River.
we drove into this tunnel at a 7 % grade.....

crossing the Suislaw

this is one of my favorite sections of 126 west.  We drive along the river all the way to the ocean.

afternoon sun shining on the Suislaw as it reaches the Pacific.  this view is from our new campground
We're at another Lane County Park, Harbor Vista.  What a beautiful place.  Every site is nestled down in high hedges of rhrododendron and berry laden bushes.  Tall pines shelter us from the harsh ocean breezes and we feel so happy to be here.  We can't see our neighbors and all we can hear is the ocean breaking on the beach not to far away.   Its quite cool, but sunny as you can see by the picture above.  I can't wait to get out and explore the area tomorrow.  For now, we'll make dinner and get to bed early.  Lots to do and see for this next week.

Sasha likes the "early to bed" thing...she's out like a light!


  1. Is this Adventure just EVERYTHING you'd hoped it would be? Sure sounds wonderful to me ...thanks for your descriptive words and pictures! Greatly appreciated for your NY friends (and others, no doubt!)

    Love You!

  2. Sasha is my kind of girl. MCH