Monday, September 17, 2012

Wineries - part 2

OK, Lets try these pictures again.  Last night the pictures wouldn't load on the blog correctly, as you may notice on some of them - a line across the picture, or a different color shadow on half.

Jesse and Erin enjoying a pinot overlooking the valley

our view

it was so peaceful, sitting outside sipping different wines

the only sound we heard were bees buzzing all over these flowers below us, see one?

After we finished at Archery Summit, we drove further up the hill to our next stop - Domaine Drouhin, a french family winery.  The scenery was totally different, as were the wines.  The entrance was a gently curving flagstone and gravel path through lavender scented landscaping.  The views were expansive, I loved the soft  light the change in elevation afforded.  (Probably affected by the haze from that d amn Sister's fire too)

Most of the pictures worked on this post, I had to delete a few.  I hope this doesn't become a problem in the future!

Ah, thats better, yesterday's picture gave Jesse a bulging forehead!   Sorry Jess

Congratulations Cindy, on your good win in the Valley yesterday!  I wish I could have been there (well, there would have been a serious conflict in my schedule - horse show, wine tasting, hmmmm - tough choice)

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