Friday, September 14, 2012


Dave went for his root canal this afternoon, after lunch.    All went well and he was back a few hours later.  He was impressed with the care he was given here in Eugene.  One more appointment at the regular dentist and he's good to go!  The novocaine was still in his system and he was feeling no pain, so he went outside and washed the jeep!

 I stayed back at Beluga and caught up on the dishes and a few other domestic jobs.  Niece Lisa and I had a good Facetime call and she gave me the grand tour of her new house and the beautiful grounds.

We met Jesse and Erin for dinner at Bepe and Gianni's , right near the U of O campus.  We had another delicious dinner and then walked across the street to Prince Puckler's (yes, you read it right) so Erin and I could have some  ice cream for dessert.  Jesse had coffee and a panna cotta at Bepe and Gianni's so it was only fair that Erin and I had a little sweet after dinner.

While we ate we talked about what we'd like to do this next week, but didn't come to any conclusions.  Too many fun things to do, not enough time for them all.    We need to guard against packing too much in and getting tired and stressed - busy times ahead for all of us soon, so we'll pick and choose carefully.  

Tonight Dave's jaw is very sore, as we expected it would be.  Early to bed.


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  1. Hope today's better for Dave! Speedy recovery...washing the jeep??Really??? Couldn't he find a good book or something?

    You guys seem to be eating VERY well every single night. Makes me want to hop on a plane and see all the great restaurants.