Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday - new friends

Last root canal appointment this morning.  All went well and Dave's good to go.  Dr. Jenson and his staff couldn't have been nicer or more professional.  We're cleared to leave on Thursday morning.

Dave came home with a cup of coffee and we sat outside talking about his procedure and soaking up some sun.  New friends joined us this morning, one on the ground, a few in the trees above us.

a new little friend joined us on Dave's chair

cutie pie

several chickadees discovered our birdseed ball

Dave talks to JoAnn as the chickadees whiz to and from the birdseed ball hanging above his head.

After lunch we took the dogs for a walk through the park and down to the riverside.  The sun was dappling the forest floor, lighting up ferns and moss and brilliant green leaves.  By contrast, the river looked extra blue.

the rioting McKenzie river  as viewed from our campground

Dave has to brace himself to keep from being pulled into the cold water.  The dogs are really keen to get in the river!

even Sasha can't wait to play in the water

the current is strong, but Lew is oblivious
he needs to drag in just one of these rocks....

what do you want?  I'm busy....
We stayed at the river a long time this afternoon.   We were all having such fun on this fine, warm day.  No one else around, just the racing river and us.  

  Jesse was coming over for dinner later, but Dave decided he wanted to do a little preventative maintenance on Beluga's cooling system.  We've been carrying an extra radiator expansion tank because the original one was beginning to show signs of age and stress.  Today was as good as any to change it, so.....


  1. That Lewis is such a goof!!! Crazy boy!.

    Good thing he has such stable parents as you and Dave (not to mention a pretty sharp Black lab sister!)

    Cindy P (awaiting rain today ....but very happy knowing the last of the new trails have been packed and are going to be soooo nice for spring time driving!)

  2. My boys, both sons and grandson would be in heaven with the "friends". Justin has a fresh water aquarium with an eel and bass.....It think its at least 150 gallons. Gage would want to keep them all as pets.