Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday in Florence

a favorite pictures of my boy

The weather here in Florence has evidently been stellar.  None of the usual fog and drizzle, just cool, sunny days, the temperature doesn't vary much from day to night.  Windy, though....very windy.
our sunny morning coffee spot
We have positioned our chairs so that we catch the morning sun as it moves through our campsite.  The four of us enjoy our time there.  Dave and I drink our coffee/tea and the dogs have a chance to sniff around the entire site at their leisure.   When the cups are empty, we play "fish" with Lewis until our arms get tired and Sasha takes the opportunity to poke around where she shouldn't be - while we're not looking....Then she hussles back to us, crashing into the table and tossing everything on it into the sand.  Same thing, every morning.
we have to dress in layers to keep warm, but its worth it to have another coffee outside

Dave managed to catch both the chickadee and the nuthatch at the feeder.
At this rate, we'll be out of seed soon!
After lunch we take the dogs and explore a bit before ending up on Hecata Beach for a walk and ball session.  I didn't take the camera on the beach today because the salt spray really messes up the lens and I don't know how to properly clean it.  It was another windy but beautiful day and Lewis chased his ball in and out of the tide pools and through the drifting dry sand above the tide line.  He gets absolutely covered in sand and couldn't be happier.  Even Sasha got energetic today, galumphing about with a grin on her face.  She loves to carefully sniff every square inch of the huge driftwood logs resting in the sand.

 We wore hooded sweatshirts and our winter jackets and were nice and toasty in the strong wind.  When we tired of walking and throwing the ball, we sat on a log and just enjoyed the view.  Sasha settled down beside us and Lewis played ball with himself.  He's so funny to watch, kicking the ball (and sand) out behind himself, then racing after it, then repeating the whole thing.  On and on he goes, until we decide its time to leave.

We made plans to meet Jesse and Erin at the Waterfront Depot at 7:30 tonight and we had things to do before then.

Florence from the river

the undulating dunes fascinate me

high tide along the Suislaw River as viewed from our campground

the same view at lower tide as the sun begins to set

Maybe tomorrow (or the next day) we'll get down to that river beach to see what it looks like at low tide.  Always an interesting time to walk.

I had a quick conversation with niece Lisa when we got home.  She's fine, recovering from a nasty cold and almost finished getting the new house whipped into shape.   Then Dave spoke at length with JAD.  She's on her first RV trip in the east and enjoying the experience (and the lobster's!).

It was wonderful to see Jesse and Erin at dinner tonight.   They were able to take time out of their hectic school schedules to drive to Florence (about an hour away) for another good dinner and interesting conversation.  We'll miss them - but Christmas isn't that far away, is it?   Thanks guys....

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  1. They are such a sweet couple, my favorite pictures today are the first (stunning black face with great detail, Sue!) and the last (life is being good to them and that makes us all happy!) I'm smiling now as I write this ...good to see all of you (except the photophobic mother!!!!)

    Come on, Sue's been weeks! How do I really know you're there!!! Get Dave to take a picture -- it will make all your friends ecstatic and maybe if you do that each and every one will post a comment that day, praising you for a glimpse of Sue Bank, the currently mysterious, maybe-on-a-voyage dear friend that we all know and and love! And really miss the sight of ... this is such a long and torturous trip. You can go back to all your old ways once you get back to NY and take "regular" trips like the rest of us!