Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday - last day at the market

This was our last  Eugene Farmer's Market.  Yes, I know they have one on Tuesdays also, but the Saturday one is IT.....its bigger, better and much more complete.  We'll miss the flowers, the colorful, luscious fruit and vegetable displays, the great food vendors, the interesting people and the general festive atmosphere.

D AMN!!! the poltergeist is at work again.  Pictures load with a phantom line and discoloration so I'll try again in the morning.

Jerry, I have some pictures of Hayward Field on a beautiful fall day, but you'll have to check back  another time, sorry.

After we walked around the Market, ate our usual lunch of Pasties (Steak and Ale and Broccoli Cheese), and bought some lovely green onions,  a walla walla onion, radishes, the last of the season's peaches, a few flowers, a head or two of beautiful purple garlic, and a pint of Dave's favorite yellow mini-plum tomatoes, we took a little goodie over to Jesse and Erin.  They shared a few of their heirloom tomatoes and a cuke from the garden and we were all set.   They will be at the Duck's game tonight, so Dave and I will  have dinner on our own.

The Duck's fans are out in full force here in our park. I won't share anymore pictures of their regalia, you've seen them before.

Its early evening here and we've just finished a simple dinner of scrambled eggs, bacon, oatmeal bread toast and tomatoes with basil.  Now, to the football game....

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