Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday, last day in Eugene, for awhile....

peaceable kingdom

Today is our last day in Eugene.  We'll be back in a week, but tomorrow we're heading east on route 126 for a bit to see whats there.  Lava flows, water falls, remnants of a terrible fire, mountains, rivers, fern carpeted forests, snow capped peaks and steaming hot springs, can't wait.

 If you don't hear from me for a while, don't worry.  I'm doubtful that we'll have much cell signal and that means no internet.  I'll do my best - the camera came back today and there will be so many photo opportunities coming up next week.

We picked Ruby up this afternoon, and I was a little concerned about how the three dogs would get along in our small space.  They all lived together at home for a short time, when Lewis was still a baby.  I remember he was in love with Ruby and she avoided him at every chance, climbing up on the couch and staring off into space as if he didn't exist.    He's pretty hard to ignore now, but after a few minutes, everything simmered down and we're all a big happy family in a little bitty house.  We brought her big soft donut bed over and put it on the floor behind Dave's chair.  So far the jury's out on who will actually sleep in it tonight.  Its been musical beds since it arrived.  Right now, Sasha has possession.

Dave is outside picking up our outdoor mats, putting the ex pen away, checking air pressure in the tires, bringing in all the awnings, etc.,  so we can get an easier start in the morning.  Before we head east, Beluga will go to the Freightliner dealer for lube/oil/filter and a little exploratory work and we will all spend the early day at Jesse's house while we wait.

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