Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday - where are we?

Our new site at Holiday Farm

Doesn't this path becken?

McKenzie River at the back of the resort

We've been joking with Jesse today.  He and Erin are on their way home from a wedding south of San Francisco and we told him we're not giving Ruby back.  We're enjoying her company too much.  We told him we left Belknap Hot Springs Resort this morning and he'll have to find us to get her back on Sunday.

Its true, we did pull out of Belknap this morning.  We thought we'd stay for the duration, we rented a couple movies and hunkered down.  But last night the campground started filling up.  When we got up this morning, it was jammed with people, kids and loose dogs. The interior roads are dirt, dry dusty dirt and with that many people, dust was flying everywhere.   As we sat outside and enjoyed our morning coffee/tea, we couldn't help but hear the neighbor's LOUD description of her daughter's potty training session and it wasn't a good thing.  Not a subject I'm interested in hearing about.  This was no longer a peaceful place for us, so we made a snap decision and closed up shop.

 Good thing we looked at another campground yesterday.  In a couple of hours we were checked in to Holiday Farm RV Resort  in Rainbow, Oregon and settled down in a beautiful, quiet, shady site..  Perfect!

We walked around the place after we set up and we liked it even more.  The river is a short stroll through the back of the campground and there are plenty of places to walk the dogs.  We'll stay and be very happy.

Now to explore the area, I can't wait.

Ruby is a happy camper

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