Thursday, September 20, 2012


I know, its really Thursday.

  We got home last night (Wed.) full and sleepy so I kicked the can down the road again and left the blog til today.  I'm sitting here with my morning tea, feeling wide awake and toasty warm.  Our furnace clicks on periodically blowing comfy warm air on my feet - nice.  It was another beautiful sunny day yesterday, but lately it gets quite cool at night and when we wake up I just love to turn the furnace on and enjoy an instant heat source.  Small pleasures.

We dragged our feet until after lunch, but then just had to start the poodle mowing process.  Lewis is such a good dog.  He hops right up on the table and assumes the position.  He puts up with us pushing and pulling and twisting him around to get to all those hard to reach spots.  He's a pro.  So, two hours later he's a much smaller boy!

After cleaning up, and rewarding Lewis with a good ball session, we went to Jesse and Erin's for dinner.  We took a smoked salmon appetizer and Erin made another amazing dinner for us.  How did we get so lucky?
Korean Tacos and a salad of arugula, fennel and green onion with preserved meyer lemon dressing.  The icing on the cake, so to speak, was fresh peach shortcake with this wonderful crunchy orange sugar on the top of the biscuits!    Mmmm.   Its going to be hard for me to get back to cooking my own dinners again.
I've requested these recipes also, so you guys back home can look forward to some good dinners on Reservoir Road next year!

Jesse slicing steak for the Korean Tacos

I had a lovely phone conversation with an old friend yesterday morning.  I haven't spoken to Pat since we left home and I really missed talking with her.  We've been friends for about 35 years!  She is a neighbor, and the mother of Cindy P, but she's so much more than that.  Pat is the strongest woman I know, confident, forward thinking, positive and oh so funny.  We spent many hours talking across the table at just about every restaurant within driving distance,  attending dog handling classes, scouring dogs shows looking for her next puppy, (always puppy fever in the spring) knocking on doors looking for ponies, gossiping about any number of things, sharing our thoughts and feelings and fears.  She was a good listener when I needed one and my co-conspirator 32 years ago.

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  1. Ok Erin ...let the good times roll!!!! Keep those good dinners going along to inspire Sue (okay ...we both know that she needs NO inspiration in the kitchen, right!!!) But, those of us on Reservoir rd will really appreciate all the new dinners that she'll be cooking us (mostly because she feels such remorse for having left us for such a long, long time!!!) There, Sue'd I do??

    Truthfully, thank you for all those kind words about my Mom. Good neighbors, dear friends, co-conspirators through many escapades in life ...and enough good memories to last a lifetime. She's a remarkable woman and found a true and delightful friend in you. Of course, I always knew she had good taste! Love you!