Tuesday, September 18, 2012


TV is in and working....    Now for the grooming.

Both of us had some much needed foot care

After breakfast we washed and blew Lewis dry. I did a little trim around the edges and tomorrow we'll do the final clipping.   Sasha and Lewis got their nails trimmed and ears cleaned.    Dave cut his own hair.    I finally got a pedicure.   Beluga got a vacuum and wash,  Dave even washed all the window screens.   Nice to have these grooming jobs out of the way.

Jesse and Erin got back from their mini camping trip - too smoky.  Regardless, Ruby had a wonderful time trying  to retrieve this 10 foot log that was floating in the water.  She finally succeeded -  a very task oriented girl.

We met them for a good bbq dinner at Papa's Soul Kitchen in Eugene.

After we clip Lewis in the morning we'll see what the day brings - no plans at this point.

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  1. Ruby is the new "can-do" girl!!! Mighty traveller and will stay focused on the BIG projects!