Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, exploring the area

Sunday we explored the rivers around our campground.  The Blue River and the McKenzie.  We got a late start, after lunch really, so we didn't go far.  No need to go far with such beautiful scenery all around us.  We found access to the Blue right down from our campground, over a small bridge.  There was a nice stoney beach below the bridge and we loved being right at the water's edge.  Like a little boy, Dave threw sticks into the fast moving water and watched them race away downstream.

The water rioted along, so clear, so cold, so swift.  We waited for a raft we thought we saw put in above us, but it didn't come by...too bad.  Maybe they chickened out!  I wouldn't blame them.  It was a sunny, coolish day, but the water was very very cold, brrrr.

Back in the car, we drove in the other direction and we came to another bridge.  This one was covered!
Belknap Bridge...

We left the Blue River and went looking for the nearby Tokatee Golf Club, just in case....It is a beautiful open course with spectacular views of the Sisters (snow covered peaks).  We didn't play, but filed it away for future reference. I know its hard to believe, but even on a year's trip, I'm still complaining about not having enough time to do everything we want!

entrance road to Tokatee Golf Club

We turned right out of the Golf Club's driveway and headed for Blue River Reservoir.  It was a beautiful drive, up through deep, dark forests, carpeted with ferns and moss.  We saw signs that warned us of a one lane road ahead, drive slow, broken pavement, and the like.

Uh Oh....
We approached the one lane road and quickly saw the problem...A landslide had taken half the road and slid it right down into the water below.  Only the guard rail and its support poles were left hanging over the void.

another bridge

We got back around 4:30, took care of the dogs, mixed ourselves a drink and sat outside to wait for Jesse and Erin to arrive.  Ruby was happy to see them, although I know she enjoyed her time with us.  They stayed for burgers and then headed back to Eugene.  It was wonderful to see Erin and hear about the wedding in Lodi. We look forward to hearing about her time in Ecuador and spending more time with both of them next week, when we return to Eugene.

Its been another busy day, time for bed.

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  1. Oh, the wonderful, exciting life of retirees! Sounds like a treasure of a day. Glad that you could enjoy this one together. Fabulous is good to have that camera back in your hands! Thanks for taking us all along!This is the best trip I've been on for awhile! And the longest!