Friday, November 15, 2013

Best Laid Plans

Best laid plans....Dave carefully positioned Beluga so we'd catch whatever sun was available.    Turns out, no sun was available.   This morning was cloudy and drizzly and the rest of the day followed suit.  At least its not cold and rainy, temps were in the high 60's and calm winds so it wasn't so bad.

After lunch we got in the jeep and checked out the area.

low tide on the St. Mary's River at the campground

We drove into the historic town of St. Mary's and were rewarded by some beautiful old homes and a small but interesting "downtown" on the river.   It was raining pretty steadily by then, so we stayed in the jeep and just experienced it through the rain dotted windshield.

A beautiful park edges the town's river bank, bordered by a tabby wall.   Saturday mornings host a farmer's market at the gazebo, so we'll try and come back.

Christmas decorations are in place already

close up look at  the oyster shell composition of the wall

Shrimp boats rule here.   Tomorrow afternoon we'll come back to the fleet and pick up some fresh shrimp for dinner. (sorry Debbie B - wink wink)

On our way back to the State Park we passed the huge King's Bay Naval Submarine base with this really arresting sub display at its entrance.

USS George Bancroft's final resting place


As we traveled through the campground on our way to our site, Dave showed me this large hole he'd discovered on his walk this morning.  We found out it was the home of a Gopher Tortoise.   No sign of the big guy, but we'll keep an eye on the area.

harvesting herbs by Beluga's headlights tonight
Cable TV here seems to be out of order, antenna only gives us one network, so after dinner (pork tenderloin) we'll get some reading done.  Steve, it looks like Dave will make the 14 day deadline!

Tomorrow we've signed up for a ranger/naturalist led boat cruise of the crooked river (St. Mary's River)  Finger's crossed that this pesky rain will move out by the morning.


  1. Good that the rain isn't keeping you inside:) Hope you have some sun for your boat trip tomorrow!

  2. Luckily no rain here! and now its getting warmer. Steve says "Yeah Dave"

  3. Hey, we're at 59 today with the most beautiful sun and a steady, steady two day barometric pressure. Simply fabulous! RV put to bed today!