Saturday, November 2, 2013


Rap, pop, ping, bump, crack.....

We're parked under a young live oak tree.   Its shade is lovely, it plays host to many species of birds all day long...and it drops little tiny acorns on Beluga, the jeep and even Dave and I.   Rap, pop, ping, bump, crack.

The nuts don't do any damage to our vehicles,(so far)  they just startle us as they hit and ricochet off in all directions.   Sometimes a breeze sends a few tumbling to the ground, sometimes its a Nuthatch setting one or two free, sometimes a squirrel looses an avalanche of tiny bombs.   We're used to the sound now, we don't run to the door to see who is there....

Lewis is the one.    He must think they are dog treats, or tiny almonds, like Dave shares with him at cocktail time.

I try to sweep them up before we go outside to sit.   All is well until one or two fall in front of Lewis.  He's such a good boy, he really is.  When I tell him to "leave it",  he does.   He doesn't take his eyes off the new arrival, but he doesn't put it in his mouth.  He is very patient, very patient.    Eventually I forget and he slowly creeps over to the tiny nut and tries to eat it.  These nuts must not taste very good because he always spits them out in pieces.   The flavor doesn't deter him, however.   He is patient, and focused and simply waits for the next one to land in front of him.   This one must taste better.

 Ah well, we all enjoy ourselves in different ways.

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  1. Bella goes crazy when those things fall on the RV. She gets scared and runs and hides under the bed.