Sunday, November 10, 2013


On this trip Sundays have been very low key.   Time to watch NASCAR race on TV, do the laundry, cook, read, etc.      Today we had an appointment with Mr. David's Mobile Beauty Salon and Dog Grooming Service.   He performed his magic on my hair and had planned on trimming a poodle face before he settled down to watch the race on our TV.   (We don't have to pay him as much if we let him watch tv and feed him dinner.)

Lewis said he was participating in the Movember movement for men's health and because of that he would skip his usual appointment.   Mr. David thought that was admirable, so he didn't charge for the broken appointment.

Lewis has a good start on his Movember moustache
(please don't mention how grey his whiskers have become, it embarrasses him)

I put the ingredients for Umberto's Beans n' Greens in the crockpot....(crackpot?) before I went to the laundromat  and was rewarded by the delicious garlicky aroma filling Beluga when I returned.

It tasted as good as it smelled, plus we have lots of leftovers!



  1. I love your Sunday routines. I am the groomer in our family and just did the same last week but with two dogs. It is a two-day job, brushing and bathing on day one and clipping on day two. Those professional groomers really do earn their money.

    Now I have to look up the beans and greens recipe. Sure looks good.

  2. Your beans and greens looks good. I see you added a little pasta. Theirs had a few pieces of elbow macaroni, I forgot that! I like the fresh basil and parm...yum!

  3. Yes it does look yummy!
    Low key is good any day...but especially Sunday! Just one more race day...

  4. Where would I find that recipe? Looks yummy!

  5. Catching up! I like the red and the larger font!

    Those beans and greens look delicious, gives me some good ideas!