Friday, November 8, 2013

Moving South

Dave's weekly phone conversation with his brother
Monday (veteran's day) he'll call again to thank Mike for his service in Vietnam.  He says "thanks for taking care of my lazy college deferrment a ss".  An annual tradition! 
Fridays in our household mean one of two things.....a phone call with Uncle Mike (Dave's brother) and/or, rock and roll Friday.

Today we honored one of Dave's work week traditions - Rock and Roll Friday.   At Papago (our first company),  and then at AIM (second company) Dave would have his office radio (oops, dating myself), I mean his computer tuned to a Great Britain classical music channel Monday through Thursday.   Friday, however, was rock and roll day in the President's office.     Since the new owner's of AIM provided him with a Sirius radio and subscription as a "gold watch" upon retiring, we've sort of kept up with that tradition when on the road.

Beluga is rockin and rollin down to Charleston

jeez, it looks like the road turns into a roller coaster ride!

We pulled into the Oak Plantation Campground around 3 this afternoon.  Its a nice campground with level fairly wide sites.    Only thing wrong....Sweet Gum trees.   Actually, they don't bother us one little bit, its Sasha that objects.

Sasha's nemisis - sweet gum pods.  They are  everywhere.
she jumps, she leaps, she zigs, she zags, all to avoid these thorny devils.
They are harbingers of the south, along with the drenching humidity...


  1. Glad you made it safely...rockin and rollin!

  2. I love the idea of Rock 'n Roll Fridays. I also want to thank you for reminding me to call my Vietnam Vet brother and thank him too.

    The bar at Charlie's is our new all-time favorite. Thanks for the recommendation!

    We are now forewarned about the sweet gum pods. Gotta get used to southern environs.

  3. Which route did you end up following?

  4. Have a great time in Charleston!

  5. Good to see that Dave was in good company while talking on the phone:)

    Love the photo out the window of the water while Dave drives.

    Enjoy your stay in Charleston!