Monday, November 18, 2013

Warm and humid - Yep, this must be Florida!

We slept with all the windows open and the fans going last night.  It smelled so nice and fresh when we got up  this morning, and the birds were singing their little hearts out, Sigh, this is nice.

Dave and I took advantage of the lovely day and our private surroundings.   Second cup and lunch outside then we went in search of some fresh shrimp for dinner.    Our favorite seafood shop has evidently gone belly up since we were last here, boo hoo.   However we were able to find an acceptable  substitute, and stocked up.  Caesar salad topped with roasted shrimp and a cupcake from Luli's cupcakes for dinner.    Like I said, this is nice.

I'll leave you with some images of what we'll be seeing for the next 10 days.   Don't hate me.

Beluga loves snuggling down in the dense Florida foliage

our sandy side yard

we're camped under these wonderful twisted trees.
they're perfect runways for playful squirrels.....

Lewis has trouble keeping his eyes off those frolicing squirrels

by this afternoon the sky grew dark and rain threatened

did I mention the squirrels overhead?


  1. What a fantastic park! Nice and private with room for the dogs. Hope Lewis doesn't have a sore neck after 10 days!!

  2. Welcome to Florida! We are now in the Tampa area and experiencing unusual humidity too for this time of year. Love your tropical site.

  3. What a gorgeous site! I could go for some of that lush privacy right now!