Sunday, November 3, 2013


Sunday often is our housekeeping day on the road.   Today was typical.  We slept in (time change ya know...) had second cup after breakfast and then commenced our housekeeping duties.

My sweetie likes a little sweetie with his second cup.
These delicious bits came from Crumb Buns Bakery right down the street!
(we didn't eat them ALL today, what kind of people do you think we are?)
Before I started in earnest I exchanged a few emails with fellow traveler/dog lover Debbie B about the progress she is making with the sweet, blonde canine foundling she and her husband have taken in.  Sounds like things will work out happily for all of them and that makes me smile.

No one does their laundry on Sundays, so that is the day I do my laundry.   The campground laundry rooms are empty and that is what I'm looking for.  I stripped the bed, emptied the laundry basket and settled down for a morning of washing.   I really like to do laundry, don't feel sorry for me.   While I was gone Dave took Lewis for a long walk through the neighboring "Memorial Park", think, cemetery.   I didn't want to leave Sasha home alone, so I took her to the laundry room....she didn't mind.   I put in a couple loads and then stepped outside to sit in the sun with my favorite old lady.   We enjoyed a nice long phone call with Jesse while we were there.

After Dave returned from his walk he vacuumed, washed Beluga's tires (shhhh, don't tell the campground because he didn't get a permit) then defrosted the freezer.    After Sasha and I returned and put away our clean clothes, Dave and I walked over to Barefoot Landing to check out our options.   A keyed gate from our campground let us walk past the Memorial Park and right into Barefoot Landing, billed as  "A Shopping, Dining and Entertainment Complex Along the Intracoastal Waterway".     We strolled around the mostly deserted boardwalks, collecting restaurant menus along the way.   Sunday is Pizza Night, right?

turtle mania at a Barefoot Landing waterway

NASCAR Sprint Cup race, telecast from Ft.Worth, TX,  was on the TV when we returned so we settled down to watch the race before ordering pizza.   There are only 2 more races left this year.   (We won't talk about the Buffalo Bills football game today, will we...)

We've decided to stay at this campground one day longer than originally planned.  The weather is forecast to warm up and the beach calls (yes, and a big Oregon Ducks game is on tv Thursday night)    Also, full time friends Pam and John,  are arriving here on the 5th (I think) and a couple whose blog I follow will pull in tomorrow, so...why not!


  1. Oh there you go reminding me that you will be with Pam and John. Thanks a ton. I need to go and wipe my eyes now!

  2. I like your Sunday routine. Since I retired I don't pay much attention to the day of the week anymore, but I miss some of the rituals. I will admit Sunday nights are much more
    relaxed as I am not trying to get caught up
    with a big pile of papers to grade.

    Sounds like you are now all ready for some play time.

  3. Your Sunday sounds a lot like ours! I don't mind the laundry either!
    Can't wait for some beach time. We head out next Tuesday and I'm hoping the weather will be nice!
    Sounds like a fun time in the making with friends! Enjoy!

  4. Good to hear all is well in Briarcliff! We'll have to check out a couple of those restaurants when we get there! Hope all goes well with our check up at Freightliner and we are on way tomorrow! See you soon!

  5. We are here! We visited twice and Beluga is so alone. We are on Lilac St # 163.