Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Fish Fry

AAA comes through, as we all expect it to.  

We spent a lovely afternoon on the beach yesterday.  About 4 p.m. it started to get chilly, so we all walked back to the car and loaded up for the long drive across the road and back into our campground.    Dave put the key in the ignition, turned it, and.....silence.
No engine coming to life, not even a little click, just silence.   He got out, lifted the hood,  checked the battery terminals, etc., but everything looked OK.   No biggie, no panic.  We walked the dogs back into the campground so Dave could get some tools to clean the terminals.   Well, that wasn't the problem so he called AAA and, to make a long story short, they came, tried a jump start and then called for a tow truck.    The tow truck guy looked a little "iffy" to me and I spent the evening trying to not worry about whether my jeep would make it to the dealer or end up in a chop shop.      Luckily I've always had the ability to "think about that tomorrow" so I had a peaceful night's sleep.

In the morning the Jeep dealer service writer called and said they were replacing the dead starter and would send a courtesy van to pick us up when it was ready for us.   Nice.   All's well that ends well, right?

The jeep was back at Beluga by lunch and soon afterward we were headed out to the beach.

Come out!   we're waiting.......aren't we going to the beach today?

waiting for Dave to come back with the chairs
Our beach routine with the dogs rarely changes.   We take a long walk along the edge of the surf, then come back to our chairs, Sasha flops down for her nap and Lewis commences his beach ball game.  They never tire of their individual routines and we never tire of watching them.
Lewis keeps himself busy with his green ball

no need for any human involvement -
He  shoots the ball out between his back legs, chases it down, returns it to the hole, drops it in and repeats the process, over and over and over and over

Once back at Beluga we had a nice G&T outside while we let the dogs dry a bit.  Dry is a bit of a misnomer I'm afraid.   Nothing here really drys out.   The poodle is beginning to smell a bit musty and if we don't put our bath towels in the dryer after showering, they're still damp the next day.   Isn't there anywhere with nice low humidity that is seconds away from a beach?   Anywhere?   Its not much to ask is it?

If you're from Western New York, Friday night is Fish Fry night.   Fried fish, french fries, coleslaw are always on the menu Fridays.    Tonight was fish fry night, so we headed to the nearby Camachee Cove Marina's King Fish restaurant.   We sat by the window and enjoyed the view while eating our Florida version of Friday Fish Fry - horseradish crusted mahi mahi for Dave and shrimp and grits for me.   Mmmm.   AND it seems we were there during Happy Hour, so we each enjoyed a cool glass of white wine for half price.     Life is good.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day to me. Glad your Jeep repair was minor and relatively hassle-free.

  2. I love Lewis ...such a joy!

  3. Yes it is...doesn't get much better! So glad the Jeep was an easy fix. I so understand about watching the pups.

  4. Low humidity and beach at your door...San Diego! :-)

  5. We're originally from the Midwest and Friday night fish frys are a big deal as well. We're looking forward to some good fish once we hit Rockport TX. Enjoy that beach!

  6. I'm looking at your weather, I'm looking at my weather. You WIN!