Thursday, November 14, 2013

Moving south

This morning we broke camp and continued our slow trek south.    We took route 17 south/west until it connected with I-95, then drove on I-95 south, past Savannah and almost all the way to the Florida border.   Our destination was St. Mary's, Georgia at Crooked River State Park.  I felt like I was getting a cold, shucks!   My eyes were burning and watering, my nose was plugged and stuffy. I remember.  This happens every time we drive on this interstate.   So many trucks and cars spewing exhaust that I'm just not used to.   I must be a country girl at heart.   Now that we're landed in our beautiful site the symptoms have disappeared.   So glad.

Once again Dave has managed to do the impossible because I asked him to.   These sites are back ins and they are lovely and private.   We've been so chilly lately that we looked carefully at the sun's position before we chose our spot.   At this State Park, you can make a reservation, but it is not site specific so when you arrive you pick where you want to park.     So....if we backed it Beluga would shade our sitting area.    I asked if he could front in instead - sure, he said.    Now this site is perfect.  Completely surrounded by dense foliage, no one as far as we can see AND the morning and afternoon sun can reach us. is good

site 55

our "front" yard
During the day when we're outside, we can let the dogs loose to do as they please.  (shhh, don't tell) Sasha loves to walk the perimeter, sniffing each pine needle carefully.    Lewis is overjoyed to roar around snatching dead palmetto fronds, viciously shaking and shredding them.

So, we're all settled in, lasagna, salad and wine consumed.   Now I'll show you a few of the pictures of Charleston that I was able to take on our equine tour with Jake.

Jake's reflection in a mensware shop window

this home had an unusual wrought iron fence -

close up of the chevaux de frise on top of the fence.
guess these folks aren't friendly!


  1. Being able to choose your own site at a state park is a big perk. Looks like Lewis thinks so too.

    I love the photos of various doors. Charleston homes are amazing.

    Regarding your upload, do you use Microsoft Live Writer? It makes photos much easier to load and place.

  2. Glad to see the dogs have lots of free space to be off leash:)

    Jake did an excellent job taking you around that beautiful southern city:)

  3. Beautiful pictures of Charleston. We will try to get our butts there tomorrow our last day!
    We sure hope we can get a good site too on our next stop which is also a state park. i hope it is warmer out there for it is still brrr here.

  4. Great to have you blogging regularly again, I'm back to my morning coffee and "checking in on Dave and Sue!" Love it. Thanks so much for the pictures ....they are beautiful and remind me of what a lovely country this is.

  5. Gorgeous photos of Charleston. A perfect example of a southern-belle city.