Friday, November 1, 2013

dinner for lunch

Rain,  thunderstorms and wind were dancing just to the west of us.   Forecasters told us the weather would go downhill after dinner tonight so we thought we'd drive into Myrtle Beach proper (if that is an accurate term for Myrtle Beach), have a nice seafood lunch, do a bit of tourist sightseeing and get home before thunder arrived and pushed old Sasha into a full blown panic attack.

I didn't do my homework about good restaurants and as we got closer and closer to Myrtle Beach, the possibilities of a good lunch by the water seemed further and further away.

it seems that it has been decided that tourists like to play miniature golf and eat pancakes.
I lost count of the mini-golf courses and pancake houses as we drove south

We kept driving and driving until we got to Murrell's Inlet, a small and fairly quiet community along a pristine salt marsh.   It is known for its seafood restaurants.   YES!!!!

our lunch choice

low tide view from our outside table
I'm so glad we held on and passed through all the touristy restaurants in Myrtle Beach.  We decided to have dinner at lunch time today, then  lunch at dinner time at Beluga.    Dave had Hog Snapper over Lobster Risotto and I had fresh local Flounder on cheese grits with a lovely Creole sauce over the whole shooting match.  Mmmmm.
It was very warm and cloudy as we ate on the deck, but rain held off and we had a lovely, relaxed meal.

( it looks like the Gremlins are still with me, so please excuse the format of this blog, I'm trying to ignore it.)

On the way home we decided to immerse ourselves in the whole Myrtle Beach experience (albeit, out of season) and took a walk on the famous Boardwalk.

So, we enjoyed our stroll along the fairly deserted Boardwalk and told each other that we didn't need to revisit this part of town.   I can only imagine what it must be like during spring break or the height of the summer season.

It was nice to pull into our quiet green campground at the end of the day.  Dave drove me past the pond, one of the swans was serenely gliding along.   I got out to take its picture and suddenly I became the pied piper!

The swan and his look alike buddies steamed over to the side of the pond, got out and proceeded to chase me for food (at least I hope that is what they were after).     Dave sat in the car laughing....

AND, today, November 1, we heard our first Christmas Carol on the radio.....its all so surreal.


  1. The Myrtle Beach scene is over-the-top touristy, but walking on the boardwalk when hardly anyone else is there looks pretty good. Murrell's Inlet was a good choice.

    Your dinner for lunch idea is something we often do--makes the evening meal pretty simple.

    Happy November!

  2. Isn't it amazing how much quieter north Myrtle is! I can't imagine how crazy it must be on that boardwalk in season.

    Seafood Buffets seem to be the restaurants of choice in town. They aren't good. Murrell's Inlet was recommend to us.

  3. Sometimes you have to do things once ...and then move on! Glad that you're north of that craziness for the week.

  4. Looks like you are there at the right time of year! ;-)