Friday, November 29, 2013

Post Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a good day yesterday, ours was quiet and very pleasant.     Most folks at North Beach Camp Resort seemed to know each other and busied themselves carrying foil covered dishes and herding various sized children into the Recreation room for an afternoon Thanksgiving dinner.  

Luckily Mr. David's Mobile Sous Chef Service was able to stop by Beluga in the morning and help me prep our turkey.  I have an aversion to handling poultry with skin and bones (shudder.....), it creeps me out and I just can't do it.     Mr. David came to my rescue and did all the necessary handling.   I provided him with the turkey, spices and butter, all he had to do was apply them to the carcass (shudder...) and put the whole thing  in the crockpot.      In lieu of payment for services rendered I invited him to have dinner with me.     He even stepped in to make the gravy when he saw me floundering.    What a guy.

This morning we drove a bit north to Ft. Clinch State Park for the weekend.   We had a beach campsite reservation there and a dinner reservation at Le Clos,  one of our favorite restaurants in Fernandina Beach.  It was an easy drive without much traffic, except when passing a shopping center or outlet  mall.  

We're in site 16, a sandy and sunny place.   Not warm, however, not warm.   Sigh.  
I have to wonder if the entire winter will be cold and windy in Florida.   I know, don't feel sorry for me,  oh you sitting up there in the frozen, snowy north.

Niece Lisa shared this picture of Main Street in our town (Geneseo) taken on Thanksgiving Eve
(she did not take this photo, but knew I'd love the serenity of it)

my view when sitting on Beluga's couch

lots of prickly things around our site
(Sasha complains bitterly about getting stickers in her feet and feels she should be carried)

Le Clos


  1. I can sure picture you there as we were just in site #13. We had a big problem with the dogs getting in the stickers too. Wish we had tried Le Clos but we left early due to hind winds. See you soon!

  2. What a nice sunset Suzi. Hope it warms up...