Thursday, November 7, 2013

Last day in Myrtle Beach

We made friends today.    Lewis and Sasha made two new friends at cocktail hour and I made 4 new facebook friends without even trying...thanks MonaLisa!

Nothing exciting or new in our lives today, we spent it doing just as we pleased.  Its so nice to have that luxury.    

filled up the jeep with the cheapest gas we've seen in a long time

stopped at a strangely familiar bank....
The highlight of our relaxing day was cocktail hour at Beluga.   Lewis has made friends with Pam and John (Pam is the treat lady he says, and John hates cats) before, but tonight he and Sasha met MonaLisa and Steve.    So exciting to have so many friends!

you don't see Lewis and Sasha in this shot because they are laying down quietly, practicing their good cocktail hour manners...
When it got dark we all walked to Barefoot Landing to try one more restaurant.    Tonight it was Ultimate California Pizza and was it good!  Lots and lots of combinations and if you can't find one, just tell them what you want and they'll make it.    Once again, we were the last ones in the place, and it was only 7:30 when we left.    They roll up the sidewalks early once tourist season ends.

pizza and beer, a great way to celebrate our last night here in Myrtle Beach
(even though MonaLisa tried to drink my beer as well as hers...)
Tomorrow Dave and I break camp and move south to our next stop at Oak Plantation campground in  Charleston, SC.  


  1. You guys look like you are having a great time!
    Safe travels to Charleston!

  2. What fun y'all are having. Glad you had a few days with good friends.

    Safe travels. Charleston is one of my favorite cities.

  3. All this travelling and socializing and finally Lewis is getting the hang of it! Make lots of friends and get lots of treats! Love it. Have fun.I'm seeing a very red background ....did you do that on purpose or has the computer shifted somewhere/somehow? It looks like a totally different format?

  4. So glad Lewis knows the "real" anti cat person at heart...haha!

    It was so much fun spending evenings together. Thanks for the terrific company:) Give Lewis and Sasha a hug.

    Have fun in Charleston! Travel safely.

  5. Hey, I returned your glass and offered you my drink! Ha ha that was very embarrassing, shame on me.
    Yes, Lewis and Sasha are the most behaved dogs we've met, just like their parents.
    Looking forward to more fun in Charleston. Safe travels.

  6. Wow! Gas in CA is still in the $3.45 range. Looks like you guys are having a great time - Hi to all your "new friends"!! We are parked at Sam's in Desert Hot Springs. Nina and John and Technomedia are both here. Safe Travels!