Sunday, November 24, 2013

fickle weather

One day it is sunny and warm - perfect beach weather.    The next morning cold wind is flapping our awning and tossing the trees.   We made the best of a nasty day by taking care of domestic business.

I took our accumulated dirty clothes and sheets to the laundry room and had an immediate deja vu moment.  

The last time I was in this particular room Dave, Lewis, Sasha, Rose and I were hold up in one small corner waiting for a tornado!    I can't remember the year,  but it was early morning and we were in Beluga getting ready to pull up stakes and move to our next spot.   The sky was black and it was raining and windy.  Our TV was tuned to the usual morning programs and a tornado alert broke in.  It said a tornado was spotted close by and everyone should seek immediate shelter.   We grabbed the dogs and raced to the storm shelter, the laundry room.   Luckily we were the first to arrive so we could set ourselves up in a more secluded area of the room.   In a few minutes it was teeming with people and animals, kids in their pj's with bed head, all of us worried.       There aren't many windows in this laundry room so we couldn't see what was happening outside.   Luckily, the twister's path took it just a bit north of us and eventually everyone dispersed with a good story to tell.

Lewis decided to have his Movember moustache trimmed a bit earlier than everyone else.  He knows the challenge was to let it grow for the whole month, but his has been growing in a bit grey and it made him feel self conscious.   He's always had a sensitive nature.



Tired after all our domestic toil,  we decided to go out for a nice table cloth dinner.   We've wanted to try an old German/French/Swiss restaurant here called Le Pavillon.    Good choice.  Dave had Sauerbraten with Spaetzle and I had a delicious Schnitzle also with Spaetzle.     A nice change from all the fresh seafood we've been eating lately.

just a tease of a sunset on the river beach tonight


  1. Aaah....luck was with you that day of the tornado!!

    Lewis looks so debonaire again!

  2. Lewis is a handsome boy. The talk of sauerbraten brought back memories although I'd still opt for the fresh seafood. This fickle weather has also graced the desert southwest :-(