Tuesday, November 19, 2013

windy day at the beach

No windows open last night, it was air conditioning weather for sure.  This morning, however, a front had passed, the air was dry, the sky sunny, and the temps were cool.   Not so cool that we couldn't sit outside for second cup however!

Its is a small world to be sure.  A rig pulled in next to us yesterday and it turns out they were neighbors of ours in Charleston!    Looks like they may spend the winter here, as many folks do.   I inquired at the office about what it takes to reserve a spot for Dec. through April, the woman laughed.   She said that this campground is full from mid December through mid April.   Most campers, she said, have been coming here to the very same sites for 5 to 15 years and we'd have to just check back regularly to see if anyone canceled.....  I was happy to hear that.   I'm always happy to see businesses busy, if you're working hard and doing things right its gratifying to have positive results and terrifying to have silence...

After lunch the wind picked up and the clouds rolled in again.   We'd planned to take the dogs to the beach, and to the beach we went.  The temperature wasn't bad and we all enjoyed a "brisk" walk along the narrow (high tide) beach.   The walk back was a killer though, into the howling wind.   Sasha trotted along happily checking in for treats, Lewis screamed with joy as he raced along, ears flying.
No pictures on our walk today, I think I learned my lesson on the Oregon beaches - wind whipped salt spray is BAD for your camera lens.

campground road going toward the river beach

same road going in the opposite direction - to the ocean beach

river beach is much calmer
Do we eat in, do we eat out.   Do we cook, do we let someone else cook.   Such dilemmas.  I love to cook, I love to eat out.  Caps on the Water won out tonight, its practically next door.     We were able to sit outside on one of their lovely decks by the river.  Out of the wind, a delightful heater over Dave's head - Ah yes, this was the right decision for tonight.

we enjoyed a glass of wine as we waited for our fresh, local grouper dinners

the post dinner view of Caps taken from our dockside stroll


  1. Looks like a very pleasant end to a relaxing day:)

  2. Oh how I love Caps.....we have eaten there several times! A real treat!

  3. Interesting to learn more about North Beach Camp and its popularity. I wanted to spend some time on the east coast of Florida this year, but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Sure sounds like you are enjoying yourselves.

  4. Now i see why you liked this campground! I would with those trees paving the way. We felt the wind here too at Fort McAllister.