Monday, November 25, 2013

one last beach day

Weather plays such an important part in what we do these days.   If its nice, we spend as much time outdoors as possible.   If its nasty, we find things to do inside.  Nothing more complicated than that.

Today's weather was an amalgam of the last few days.  Sunny and warm til mid day, then windy, cloudy and cool for the last half.

We enjoyed our second cup in the sun so much that we decided to walk back to Aunt Kate's Restaurant for lunch on the riverside deck.     Fresh local fish and shrimp with johnny cakes and honey butter, Mmmm.      As we walked back, large grey clouds began to obscure the sun and we hoped the rain would hold off for a few hours.   The weather people have been forecasting gloom and doom (hmmm, possible tornadoes in the afternoon/evening) for tomorrow so we really wanted to get in a last beach walk.    We leave here on Wednesday morning.

the tide was full high, not leaving us much beach to walk, but we did our best!
the heavy clouds were more broken over the ocean, so we enjoyed a little sun on our stroll

    Lewis ranges all over the place, chasing shorebirds, shredding sea grass and palm branches that wash up, sniffing beached jellyfish in the sand, picking up pen shells and tossing them in the air and checking in with us on the way past.     Sasha, however,  sticks close and keeps her nose next to my left hand.   When we first started letting the dogs loose on a beach, we practiced instant recalls with little treats.   Sasha learned her lessons TOO well.   She figures if she doesn't leave my side at all, she'll get the treat much faster.    


  1. Lewis has such a zest for life...he's the perfect companion for you!

  2. I never tire of watching Lewis's "exuberance." I am hoping he and our Rico hit it off. They seem to have a similar joie de vivre. We are looking forward to having the weather drive the rhythm of our days.

  3. You seem to have a better weather than us.That's a cool pic of Dave with a wispy white flare from his head.

  4. Love that photo of the surf! The water has a blue hue.

    I was wondering why Sasha was walking with her nose by your dog!! Why go to all that work of wandering only to have to come back for a treat. I'll stay right here and get the treat for being a well behaved dog!!

    You captured Lewis' energy in your photo!

    Have a good move as you get closer to Cortez!!!