Saturday, November 9, 2013

Checking out our surroundings

It was cold last night but the sun warmed Beluga up nicely this morning.   After breakfast, blog check and Dave's exercises, we were able to sit outside for second cup.   This campground allows us to set up our ex pen and the dogs love joining us without leashes telling them which way to go and how fast they must get there.   They just enjoy watching the world go by as we sit and chat.

exercise buddies

After a leisurely morning we had lunch and then set out to find dog food supplies, groceries and a beach, always a beach.    Early on, we decided not to go into Charleston today, Saturday's are just too crowded and we always like to get the "lay of the land" in a new place first.   Besides, whats the hurry?

Got the necessary supplies and went off in search of  Folly Beach.    We drove through beautiful marshes and arrived at the town of Folly Beach, but never did step foot on the sand.   The town may have been interesting, in a seedy, funky sort of way, but the few beach parking areas we were able to find were all pay lots.....We were put off by having to pay to walk over the dunes and look at the beach.    Ah well, it was cloudy anyway.

colorful Aloe plant blossom outside 'Doolittle's Dog Boutique

The Rose Robber struck again.....

Pam, has John come home with a chard bouquet yet?

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  1. Really?no free access?
    Do you like the park?