Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wind, wind, wind and more wind

The wind howled all night and we toyed with getting up and bringing the slide in to keep its topper from being blown to bits.    Neither of us wanted to get out of our nice, warm cocoon so we let the chips fall where they may.     We lucked out and everything was where it should be in the morning.

The wind blew the rain sideways as Dave took the dogs out before breakfast.   He wasn't a happy camper when he came back in.   It was not a pleasant day here.    We're both getting very tired of this disagreeable weather, wet dogs, damp towels and grey depressing skies.   We're in such a great place, but we can't really enjoy any of it.    Sorry, I shouldn't complain, I've no right to complain.   Its only weather.     Its time to move south again, and that's what we'll do in the morning.

After our lunch of left over turkey sandwiches, we drove into the historic center of Fernandina Beach to do a bit of window shopping.    The hope was that the mighty wind may not be as strongly in control of the quaint Centre street and its cozy, decorated shops.

We didn't buy a thing, well, a little chocolate, but the walk lifted our spirits and it turned out to be a fine afternoon despite the grey skies and frisky wind.   Nothing like bright decorations and a little Christmas music to cheer even the grumpiest folks.

palm tree reflection

Centre Street is lined with very interesting planters

Oh Dave, please don't annoy the Pirate...

beautifully decorated wall in front of a gallery.
if it had been sunny you would have seen the sparkling mirrors set into the mosaic.

peek a boo
(and, yes, that is a winter jacket I'm wearing....)

We walked the length of Centre street and ended up at the marina and small boat harbor.  They were setting up for some sort of children's festival and even had an "ice" rink!    Only here in Florida the "ice" wasn't frozen water, it was high density polyethelyene (white plastic to you novices).   The kids didn't seem to mind and they were able to slide around on it just fine.

I don't know why this gal was dressed like this, but she was trying to toast a marshmallow to make a s'more.
She was certainly giving it a Yeoman's try, but the fire was more smoke than flame.....

colorful boats against the grey

Driving back into the Park we saw these beautiful almost luminous orange mushrooms growing at the base of one tree near the canopy road.   The largest one was probably almost a foot across.  I don't know what they are called and we didn't see them anywhere else, just under that one special tree.


  1. Very cool mushrooms. Hope your winds diminish soon.

  2. Making the most of not so great weather...good for you:)

    Hopefully, moving south will help with better weather! It was 83 down here and so humid...yuck! Then we a few hours of rain to add more humidity.

    Have fun in Cortez!! Can't wait for pictures!

  3. I know, I can relate. Whats up with this Florida weather! It was very windy here as well and overcast. As expected lots of crowd at St Augustine but it begins to feel like Christmas.

    Great shots especially that colorful mosaic with a lady in blue in the reflection.

  4. Interesting that it was so windy on the east coast of Florida. We had two beautiful days today and yesterday in the Tampa area and are looking forward to the lovely weather we know and love when we arrive in Cortez tomorrow!

    Your photos are great especially given the circumstances. . . .

  5. That is the same weather we had for five days straight.

    We always enjoy walking around that quaint little town. I usually find some really good buys also.

  6. Isn't it fun to get out and use the camera? Wonderful pictures in spite of a cold, windy day! Great pictures as always...loved the mushroom and your reflection!

    Safe travels!

  7. Love the mosaic! That is something I'd like to try when/if we have a house again. Great mushroom shots!