Tuesday, July 31, 2012

18 holes on our last day

Don't ask.....

18 holes played on a tough course with lots of elevation changes. Up hill, down hill, around the corner, huge pines, lots of water, lots of fun!!!  Dave played really well and I enjoyed the beautiful course.  I let him drive the cart today because the paths were so, so steep and curvy.

this patch of shade looked like a giant leaf lying on the ground...

I'm loving these huge pines, I wish you could smell them and hear their sound as  the wind blows through.  It almost sounds as if there is a stream rushing by.  

it was so windy at the top of this hill, Dave had to take his hat off or risk having it make it to the pin before his ball!

YES!  a great long par putt

can you see the blue flag on the green far below?    the tee box and the pin on the green are separated by 100's of feet of elevation!  see the golf cart down there?  this was an unbelievable hole!

lovely gardens on many holes

quirky pine trees

colorful huckleberries - the kind bears love

 ducks splashing in the ponds

We finished the round about 4 p.m. and after getting the dogs fed and settled, we sat outside enjoying the cool, clear afternoon.   Pat, from next door, stopped in to ask about Dave's golf experience and we invited him to share our cocktails and conversation.  Such a nice man.  He played earlier with 3 other single's and had the same comments about the course.   He's enjoying his first trip and finding people to be very kind and helpful to him.  We sat outside talking until it got too cool to continue and then retired to our motorhomes to make some dinner.    We leave in the morning and he'll stay on for another few days, I know he'll be glad he got away.

We've had a really good, low key time here.  We'll be sorry to leave, but are really looking forward to seeing Jesse.

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  1. I bet you are excited to see Jesse!!! The best part of the trip, bar none!

    Now, what the heck was that around Dave's ear??? What happened?

    I think you have a thing about bears, Sue ...