Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cherry Creek State Park

Saturday we were able to schedule  a Facetime with Jesse.  Its been quite a while since things worked out for us all, and we enjoyed talking with him and getting a virtual tour of the firm he's working for this summer.  It was wonderful seeing him and we can't wait to spend time with him in the flesh!  We expect to be in the Seattle area around the 1st of August.

Sunday, today,  was a travel day.  After filling our tanks with propane, we left Colorado City about 10:30 and took I-25 up to Aurora, Colorado, a southeast suburb of Denver. Our  destination was Cherry Creek State Park.   This park is one I tried to get a reservation at before the 4th, but it was fully booked.  

I-25 took us north through Colorado Springs, past the Air Force Academy and the terrible fire scars.  I so wish we had been able to stay in the area this past week.  I'd forgotten how much we both enjoy the front range here.  The scenery is beautiful and the amenities fit the bill for us.  I'd planned on staying in Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs and exploring the whole area again, but it just wasn't in the cards this trip.  Today was very overcast, not good for pictures.  I understand there was lots of rain last night, it wasn't good for the burned out areas west of Colorado Springs, that is for sure.  Jesse reminds us that places that get abundant  yearly sunshine also must deal with the risk of fires.  No place is perfect, everything has its downside.

Our site, through the windshield

from the front
from the side
The KOA in Colorado City (Pueblo) was a nice park, well maintained and located, but this state park is so quiet and serene.  The four of us sat outside on our patio all afternoon and watched the Western Kingbirds play Quiddich, or so it seemed.  They would perch on a high branch, then drop down and zoom after a bug, catch it mid air and then return to the branch and watch....Harry Potter would have been proud.  It was tiring, watching all that activity though, and pretending to read.  Dave finally  had to give in and close his eyes for just one second.  Enough time for Uncle Mike to ring, returning Dave's earlier call.  They talked about the funeral arrangements for Aunt Margie, of Charlie and Margie fame.  They were an important part of Dave's early childhood on Silver Lake.  Rest in Peace Margie.

What are you looking at?

blueberry tart anyone?
Tomorrow we leave for points west on I-70.    We've reservations at another Colorado State Park, Rifle Falls, its about a 4 hour drive into the mountains.  The campground is very small, only 12 sites.  I don't know what to expect, but it looks beautiful, so thats where we're heading.

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  1. That Lewis ...he is so special! And what a photogenic little dog! Loved the Blueberry tart one (though it might have special significance to me because it's a dessert!)

    Our sympathies to you and Dave about Aunt Marge...always hard to say goodbye to childhood and family memories.

    Busy and hot weekend here...Oakhill Farm and Ranch went to absolute auction. Check them out on their webpage. Sold 86 acre horse event and B&B in Nunda for $310,000. One of our driving friends in Churchville bought it to develop Combined Driving Events. Will keep our eye on that part and be able to enjoy the wonderful paradise that our other friends', the Mahlendorf's, developed and envisioned. It was a day filled with mixed feelings for both families. This is the couple who have bought two very small homes near a couple of their daughters and will be travelling too! We have such interesting friends who are giving us all sorts of ideas about how to retire.