Thursday, July 5, 2012


Some weather is on its way tonight.  Sasha was on her toes for our entire cocktail hour!  Between the distant thunder and the couple from in front of us walking their beautiful cats around the campground, she was on high alert and wouldn't leave us alone.  Sigh....

We had planned to explore Pueblo today, but we got a late start due to some on-line credit card issues....Grrrrr.  I really try to do a good job with these on-line bills, but Citicard certainly makes it difficult at every turn.   My blood pressure shot through the roof and I turned the whole thing over to Dave.  He handled it like someone who ran a couple successful businesses and knew the drill.  Thank God for Dave.

After lunch we finally were free to drive the 20 or so miles into Pueblo proper and locate the historic district. Not enough time to park and walk the area along the river, but it looked interesting enough for us to plan another trip up on Saturday.  The heat is supposed to break then and the stroll should be a lot more pleasant in 80 degrees instead of 100.  We picked up a few groceries on our way home.  Much better selections in the big city but  boy, do I ever miss Wegmans.   You get used to a certain level of product, take it for granted even.  Its always shocking to see what other stores sell as fresh produce and meat!

I took this from the bridge.  The area looks interesting.  Nice use of their downtown resources.  

this large bronze was outside the Professional Bull Riders headquarters, yep, we're in the West.

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  1. Are you gonna get to a real rodeo while you're out there?? Whatever you do today, enjoy it.