Friday, July 20, 2012


Jack broke Dave.  Two days in a row playing golf  really whipped the old guy! (Dave, that is, not Jack)  I know, I know, it was Dave's idea to play two times, and he loved walking the 18 hole course, but Thursday  he was really dragging.   Its hard to have such fun!

We slept like the proverbial log last night..  Lights were out by 9 p.m. (Mountain time) and we didn't wake until 8.  What good dogs we have, they slept quietly all night and didn't move until we woke up.  They really had to go, however, once outside!  We're so lucky they are such good travelers.

Well, it was too hot to have cocktails outside last night, but we put the chairs out any way so we could enjoy our morning coffee/tea in the laid plans.  This morning the sprinkler system was pumping gallons of water onto the beautiful green grass right outside our door.  Dave had to sprint through the water in order to take the dogs out first thing.  It didn't stop until after lunch!  I guess we have to pay for Sasha's  lush carpet.

Dave read and relaxed, but he also did two very important jobs.  He defrosted the freezer (its supposed to be frost free, but...) and colored my hair.  Both needed attention badly so it was good to check them off our list.  

I spent much of the day looking ahead on our route and checking out some good overnight (or two or three) spots to stay on our way to Seattle and Jesse.

We had a nice home cooked dinner with a bottle of delicious Sauvignon Blanc (Villa Maria) that Richard Hollings first served us on Longboat Key. It seems like such a long time ago.      Thanks for the recommendation Richard, it was delightful, but we missed sharing it with you guys.

site 25
 the campground is beginning to fill up for the weekend.

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  1. What? What? You COLOR your hair AND he colors it for you??? What a good husband. Give him two checks for "good husband stuff."

    Nice site with the shade tree you appreciate that!

    Just got back from my birthday trip down the Erie Canal ...wonderful time. Perfect weather!
    Fun with my family.