Saturday, July 21, 2012

The falls

No sprinkler this morning!!!!  We enjoyed coffee in our nice, dry, sunny campsite and then set off to find the falls.  Evidently the "falls" in Twin Falls, is called Shoshone Falls and despite iffy directions from our campground manager, we found Twin Falls Park.  We drove along state route 30 (named scenic route 30) east to the"Twee-in", as our manager called Twin Falls.

this area is called 1000 falls.  the falls are coming out of underground lava conduits formed when spongy lava flows filled in the snake riverbed eons ago.  the river still finds its way cascading through the mountain sides.

 Entrance to Twin Falls park is $3 and a bargain at that. At first you see a  beautiful green picnic area with tall, shady trees that come right up to the brink of the Snake River gorge.  Families were sitting in the shade or sharing a picnic lunch.  As we drove further in we began to see the falls.

People say these falls are small at this time of year, but we thought they were  huge!  they thundered down in multiple  flows.  I can't imagine what they must look like in the spring.

this is the spot of  Evil Knievel's  famous jump over the  Snake River

Dave is standing on an observation platform out on a little peninsula hanging over the River.   He didn't wear a red shirt this time, but I think you can see him, can't you?

A little further into the park we came upon a real old fashioned swimming hole.  Everyone was laughing and having a wonderful time swimming and picnicing and enjoying their families on this beautiful day in this beautiful park.

It was 4:30 by the time we left Twin Falls.  On the way back to our campground we stopped by the National Fish Hatchery, but it was too late for a tour.  A beautiful, green facility.  Water ( in this part of the state at least) seems to be an inexhaustable commodity.  Everything, and I mean everything, was irrigated and vibrantly green.  Huge farm fields, people's lawns, picnic areas, campgrounds, pastures, road sides, everywhere had water spouting from the ground.  The River was full to its boundries and farm ponds were almost overflowing.  Beautiful.

We leave tomorrow morning for Baker City, Oregon, our intermediate stop on the way to Seattle.  

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  1. Ahhhh ...getting closer to that Seattle boy! Love it! Enjoy your trip and we'll talk soon!