Sunday, July 1, 2012

Reflections on Taos

We enjoyed our last morning's coffee and tea outside in Taos and broke camp by 10:30.  As we drove away and the familiar landscape began to drop away we talked about our feelings and impressions of the area.  Tao's physical beauty and history cannot be denied. Taos Pueblo has been inhabited for more than 1000 years. The mountains are spectacular, rising from the high prairies.  Because of the wild Rio Grande, Taos is much greener than Santa Fe but  shares its artistic temperament.  

However, Taos seems to be filled with free spirits.  I'm all for the freedom to be, the freedom to do, the freedom to experience, but sometimes these freedoms produce things that I'm not so crazy about.  Wild, unkempt "precocious" children, loose, unneutered, bandana festuned dogs and messy homesteads sprouting gardens of used up "stuff".  No worries man....

The recommended drive along NM 522 to Colorado was beautiful.  Ours was the only paved road.  Signs told us we were driving though free range and to be watchful for cattle, horses and other animals in or near the road.   The strong wind was, once again, or traveling companion.

driving past Blanca Peak, 14, 345 above sea level

As we crossed into Colorado, the scenery seemed to change from what we had come to think of as the southwest, to the west.  The dry, dusty mesas turned to rocky mountains with tall pine trees.  The houses changed from the adobe of the southwest to the more peaked roof, log homes of this area.

we ate lunch on a wide, paved pull off
Ah, I see what this pull off is for....glad we're here in the summer.  

We decided to stop at Colorado City, about 40 miles south of Colorado Springs.  We don't know what to expect ahead, with the fires only 50 per cent contained, so we thought this would be a good place to stay the night.

view from our campsite at Pueblo South KOA

Sasha is so happy to have thick, cool grass again!

guess what Lewis and Dave are looking at....

gin and tonic time in Colorado

Yep, this is what the "boys" were watching!  The woman and her husband came out of their motorhome with two beautiful kitties on leashes and walked the whole campground.


  1. Sandra Tripp7/1/12, 9:02 PM

    Sue/ If you think Taos is full of "free spirits," wait until you spend time in Santa Cruz and all of the surfer dudes! I can't wait to get your reaction. Smile, Sandra

  2. Love, love, love the pix of Lewis and Dave! That Lewis ...what a character! You'd think he was a little teacup poodle, wouldn't you...

    Aaah ...yes, G&T ...I remember those! I miss those! And as we approach July 3rd, we're only thinking of you guys and some fun parties we attended we all the friends. It won't be the same without you two!!!!!!!!! I can still Suzie all dressed up with lovely colors and Dave working on his huge, once in a lifetime bonfires (that turned out to be pretty spectacular every year!) ....yup, we'll drink a toast to you! And send some pix for 2012 of the lake.

  3. I am looking forward to the next installment of your adventure.
    power is finally back on and only 96 today.

    give those puppies a treat from dave and mary.

  4. Love that high altitude sunshine!