Monday, July 2, 2012

Gotta stay flexible!

  We were scheduled to move on north this morning.   We didn't move north towards Denver, we moved about 200 feet to the south into another site where we can stay until next Sunday.

We've decided to stay put because I wasn't able to find a campsite anywhere within driving distance for the coming week.  Who knew it was the 4th of July holiday!  I guess its easy to forget those things when everyday feels like a holiday.  At any rate, we'll stay right here til the rush is over and then move north, through Denver and on west towards Utah.  I like this site much better than last nights.  Its on the end of a row with expansive views and a nice, grassy side "yard" for the dogs to luxuriate in.  Its been quite some time since they had something soft to walk on.  Sasha is in her glory...she flops down on her side and nuzzles her face deep into the green, green grass.

So, we'll enjoy our holiday here and see what there is to see in Pueblo, Colorado!  Its not the lake, but the mountain views are pretty nice.  I'll  be thinking of all our friends who've shared so many  wonderful July 3rd parties with us in the past.  Dunk some strawberries for me, will you?  Oh, and enjoy the fireworks for us also.  We won't be seeing any here - strict fire bans in effect for the whole state.

 Our plans are always evolving, depending on weather, fires, storms and just our personal feelings at any given moment.  Volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah looks like it won't happen this year.  Timing, fires, and their full RV park are conspiring against us.  Who knows what the winter may bring, perhaps our "soft" plans will change again and we'll find ourselves there later....stay tuned.


  1. Is that the sanctuary where Mike VIck's Pitt Bulls went? I have a friend that sponsors two of them. They went there and spent several days on vacation volunteering. WOnderful place. SOrry you have to miss it.
    What a wonderful thing to go where the mood takes you. I have been to the mood in the garden. Grilled eggplant and peppers. The deer are enjoying the tops of the tomatoes. I just tell them to leave some for me. AND NOT TO EAT THE BEANS.
    Love you all, Mary

  2. Wow threw me a curveball ..posting your comment at 4:21pm. Whatever happened?

    Sorry to hear about the July 4th changes, especially about Best Friends change. Too bad.

    Glad that you and the dogs have the grass sites now. Must feel better on their pads. And your grass looks a whole lot greener than ours now. Quite burned here. No mowing for awhile.