Friday, July 6, 2012

A nice day

Mountain Bluebirds, Bullock's Orioles, Western and Cassin's Kingbirds, Red Tail Hawks, hummingbirds, and Red-Wing Blackbirds provided a colorful backdrop for our morning coffee/tea ritual.  It was lovely sitting outside  Beluga in the fresh morning air watching the aerobatic show as the birds chased their meals, or simply sat on the wire fence next to us to rest.

After lunch Dave thought 18 holes sounded good, so we drove about a mile to a small, local golf club called HollyDot.  They were so nice and very accommodating to us.  We didn't need a tee time, just "come on over when you're ready", and they didn't charge for me to ride along.    Dave thought it was a great little course, not easy, but not too hard.  It was obvious that they hadn't seen rain in a long time, the ball bounced on the fairways like it was hitting the cart path!  The cart path....hmmm, what can I say about the cart path.  "Path" as exactly what it was, not paved, just a rutted, dusty, suggested path to follow.  Good thing the golf cart didn't have much power or we'd have been thrown clear many times!    Dave played very well and we both really enjoyed our afternoon.

The mountain in the background is none other than our own  Greenhorn Mountain.  We see it from our campsite everyday and love to watch the sunlight and shadows  play on it.

Fantastic put - you'll have to enlarge this to see the expression on his face!

the course alternated between very open, sunny  land and huge cottonwood trees along a small stream.  Their shade was very welcome on this hot hot day.

No crocs, no Sandhill cranes, just these Canada geese sauntering around

On our way home, we drove on past the campground to see where the access road led.  Perhaps half a mile down, it turned to hard packed dirt.  We continued on for quite a while past the stream, lined with willows and cottonwoods and through a couple of white stone bordered arroyos.  I wonder who lives in this teepee?   It was the only "house" on the entire road.

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