Thursday, July 12, 2012

Catch up two - Wednesday's drive from Rifle to Moab

Dave wants to tell you that this is the first time we've seen diesel fuel cheaper than regular gas - Hip Hip Hooray for us!

We took a small, no services road off I-70 south toward Moab.  I called the campground we were heading to and asked about the suitability of Utah128 and she assured us it was fine, scenic with a few "tight spots" but otherwise fine.  

After the terrible gusting winds of I-70 in Utah, anything seemed good. The first part of the small road was very pleasant, peaceful and devoid of anything, cars, houses, people, anything.  Then we saw a sign that said "no services, next 47 miles" - OK, we were full and empty, so off we went.  Next sign said "free range, animals in road", Uh Oh, did we go from the frying pan into the fire?

Once we arrived in Moab, we both said that this was the most spectacular road we had ever been on, ever.....Yes, some tight turns, yes, no shoulder, yes high above the churning silt laden Colorado River, but breathtaking.  Every turn in the road brought a more exciting view than the last.   Pictures can't really show what we saw or felt.    Just before we came to Moab we saw lots of commotion and vehicles.  A whole small village was pitched in a rest area in the canyon.  Evidently Disney Studios is filming a movie called, I think, the Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp.   Cool!

Utah 128, as it turned off I-70

Colorado River

This boulder fell from high above.  Glad it happened before Beluga passed through!

desert varnish appears on many of the rock walls.  it is a favorite place for finding ancient rock art

As one state park employee put it..."the road gets a bit jiggy through there"

more desert varnish running down the smooth cliff face above the road

Utah 128 running along a ledge above the river

We arrived in Moab and our very nice, very full service campground. (Portal RV Resort)   It was a welcome site for sure.  The drive south from I-70 just whet our appetite so we'll be out at it again in the morning.
Decisions, decisions....Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, one of the various river activities....?  When we were in Bandolier National Monument we bought a senior interpark pass for $10.  It is good for free entry to all national park and national monuments for both of us!   A really good deal.  There has to be something good about being a senior, right?

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