Monday, July 23, 2012

Way too slow

We're all really enjoying this campground.  Just outside the gates is a huge alfalfa field, freshly cut and ready to be baled.  When the wind is just right we get the glorious smell of new mown hay......

It never got into the 40's last night, as Dave feared, but it was cool and delightful.  This morning the sun felt good as we had our coffee's outside.  The dogs always enjoy their time in the grass.

Someone is watching us....

Lewis is watching him....

I don't know what the problem is tonight, but the internet is so slow it has taken me an hour just to load these three pictures.  So, all the shots I took today will have to wait until tomorrow.

After lunch we loaded up the dogs and  drove up State route 86 towards Hell's Canyon.  We just got as far as the Hell's Canyon Overlook before we turned around because it took us more than 3 hours one way.  The highway dept. was resurfacing part of the road, and we had to wait quite a while until a pilot car came for us.  We rode along the beautiful Powder River most of the way until we came to and crossed the Snake River.  Once we crossed the big river we found ourselves in Idaho again, and back in the  Mountain Zone again too.  The road became a private one and signs warned us we were to proceed at our own risk.  Hmmm

Pictures and story tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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