Wednesday, July 4, 2012

BCA on the 4th

Calm, quiet day for the 4th.  We didn't do a d amn thing except read and nap.  Ho Hum.

I had some nice emails from friends and family today.  Tom sent pictures of the lake, Jesse, a picture of his day, Judi filled us in on her celebrations and it was great to hear from Tracy too!  Cindy P shared their evening  on the 3rd of July at Conesus Lake, so its almost like being home...except hotter with mountains!
Also had a great phone conversation with Dianna Jenkin, the woman who got our Guiding Eyes for the Blind dog, Pilgrim.  Pilly's gone now, but Dianna and I keep in touch.  She's a wonderful person, I wish we lived closer because I think we'd spend a lot of time together (She and her husband live in Canada).  We're kindred spirits, the two of us.    She's decided it may be time for another guide dog and is thinking of getting a Standard Poodle this time!  Our lives intersect once again.  She wanted advice and any info. I could give on finding a guide dog school that trained standards.  I wish her the best luck.

We had a cook-out tonight.  Dave had to do a little high altitude adjustment to our cool grill, but the chicken turned out perfect, crusty on the outside and juicy on the inside.  Nice job sweetie!

After dinner and dishes, Dave and Lewis played their nightly game of ball.  This is the only picture I could get  of Lewis relatively still.  Most of the shots showed Dave with his arm in the air and a big black blur that was Lewis.....such fun in the cool evening air.

We sat outside by candlelight and shared a bottle of wine as we pretended to watch fireworks.  Nature's fireworks were pretty outstanding...


  1. Lovely shot of nature's fireworks ....they are always the best!

  2. We did nothing on the fourth this year. Too hot and getting hotter still. We tried a new tap house and restaurant last night owned by Nora Roberts son, Dan. NOra Roberts lives in Keedysville, MD. where Aaron lives. It is only a few miles from Buckystown, MD where the tap house and her Bed and Breakfast are. A new place to go if and when you two (+2) drive this way again. Actually this is only about 12 miles from Shepardstown where the Press Room is. All are still very quaint and unadulterated towns. I love travililng with you. And Seattly is supposed to hit 80' this week. Love you two, Mary