Thursday, July 19, 2012

Utah to Idaho

Idaho.  We're in Hagerman, Idaho (west of Twin Falls) tonight and I think we'll stay a day or two to just relax.  At least tomorrow we'll relax, maybe Saturday we'll go to Shoshone Falls and then perhaps see the Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument.  Who knows?  Tonight we're both very tired and look forward to an early bedtime.

We left Salt Lake this morning on I-15 north, through Ogden, past the great Salt Lake and then split off on I-84 into Idaho.   I have no pictures of the Salt Lake, we passed it too fast and I couldn't get the camera focused in time....We'd seen it on a number of previous visits to the area, so we didn't include it on our trip this time, sorry.

"Pay no attention to that bug behind the windshield"....
As we drove north we passed the end of the Wasatch Range.
After we crossed into Idaho we started seeing increasingly alarming road signs.  "Blinding Dust Storms Possible Ahead", "Severe Storms In Area When Blinking",  not just deer crossing, but "Deer Migration Ahead"...."Report Wildfires Immediately", "Don't Drive Into Dust", and of course, "Dust Storm Area, Do Not Stop on Roadway", "High Wind Area"....     We wondered what we were getting in to!

We didn't experience any of the above warnings, but we were ready for them all!

a few of the warning signs that peppered the highway once we entered Idaho

Further along I-84 west we drove through a very broad agricultural valley, Magic Valley, I believe.
Vast irrigated fields alternating among corn, wheat, potatoes, sugar beets, and hay, fields and fields of beautiful alfalfa.
We chose a small RV park and settled into a shady spot with plenty of grass for old Sasha girl.  It was too hot to sit outside, but we set up our chairs for the morning.  Leftover meatball and some fresh spaghetti plus a few good bakery cookies and we're about done for the night.


  1. Not alarming, just interesting...

  2. I haven't been in Idaho in over 25 years but I still remember being awed with some spectacular sights ...hope you love it and take some more pictures!