Thursday, July 12, 2012

Portal RV Resort, Moab Utah

Here are some pictures of our new digs.  A very lovely place with expansive views of the red rocks and nicely landscaped sites.

a lovely koi pond right out the front of our site.  Lewis is  quite the frog hunter,  who knew?
we have all we can do to keep him from jumping in after the little green critters he scares into the pond.

looking toward the back, from our door

   we finally bought some reflective material to put in the windshield when the afternoon sun starts beating in, we're facing directly west and its been in the 100's every day.  we'll  only have this beautiful view in the mornings now, awww

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  1. Okay, okay ...just had a little time this morning to catch up with Beluga's adventures! Poor neighbors of yours are STILL working here in NY! It really does get in the way sometimes! Plus, our computer needed clean-out so that destroyed us for 3 days. Unbelieveable! I'm too attached to this thing.

    Pictures of the past few days were outstanding!Can't believe they have telephone poles out there ..looks like the middle of nowhere. All that rock ...very impressive. And, wowser, I really don't envy Dave, driving those wild roads and mountains, no shoulder, no guardrail ...just earth and water. Yikes! Sure gave me a wake-up call this am! Have fun and keep the pictures coming! I'm loving them.