Sunday, July 29, 2012

a quick 9 holes

This is a very nice place to stay.  A sweet, but hard, little golf course in front of us, mountains all around, two rivers racing by and temperatures in the high seventies.

We drove around the golf course community that surrounds us.  Its lovely.  The Yakima river rushes by behind the houses and the quiet golf course is at their front.  Nice.

The salmon here are legendary and this guy had a cool way of fishing.  Uncle Norm probably already knows about this little boat, but we were fascinated watching it.  The river is very swift here and the green boat was floating along with the current.  Then the man just  put his feet down and the boat stopped.  He started fishing  and the boat stayed right with him.  When he wanted to move downstream, he simply lifted his feet and settled his butt in the seat and off he went again.  Looked like fun to us.

We checked out downtown Cle Elum and were struck by how much this little town reminded us of Truckee, California, where Jesse used to live.  Truckee before the rich folks moved in that is.  The Cle Elum Bakery provided us with some delicious coconut/lemon bars (and coconut/rasberry bars for the road) and a few good looking cookies.  After finishing some grocery shopping we went back to Sun Country Golf and RV Resort so Dave could get in 9 holes before dinner.  I stayed home and did some prep work for our dinner of grilled shrimp and rice with spinach, tomatoes and feta.  Tomorrow I'll join him for "Marathon Monday".  $38 buys us as much golf as we want to play and a "trolley" for the entire day!  An early night for us Monday, to be sure.

I can see Dave at the first tee right out Beluga's windshield

Have a good time sweetie!

A beautiful full moon is shining in Beluga's windows and I think its time for bed.  Nightie Night.

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