Saturday, July 28, 2012

Drive from Plymouth to Cle Elum

We were sorry to leave our lovely Corps of Engineers Campground this morning, but there is more to see ahead.  We followed I-82 north toward Yakima, Washington.  Between Richland and Yakima we passed hillsides filled with vineyards, orchards and acres of hops.

my close up pictures of the vineyards were out of focus - Dave is driving way too fast

As we approached Yakima we started seeing huge, snow covered peaks in the distance, to the left and right of our highway.  I had to call Jesse to see what they might be.  He told me that they were Mt. Adams and Mt. Ranier.  I can't believe we could see to far, but I know he was right.  It was really exciting to see them peeking above the ridge.

Yakima River

this is a picture of Mt. Andrews (a sign told me that)
What a beautiful part of the country. We've turned off I-82 and are now following I-90 toward Seattle.    We can hardly wait to get off the interstate and see where we'll set up home for the next few days.

 windshield view (from our site #2 ) of the 1st tee at Sun Country Golf Course and RV resort,   
What a nice small park this is (only 14 back in sites).   Neat, small homes line the golf course set amid tall pines and mountain views.  A golf tournament was just finishing up as we arrived and the whoops of happy golfers rung in the air.  Dave is looking forward to playing tomorrow or the next day.  I understand the town that the tv show "Northern Exposure" was filmed in is just a few miles from here.  We'll check it out.

I had a great phone conversation with Robin today.  It was so nice to hear her voice and catch up on her life.
I'm waiting for pictures of WD, Robin.....

I'm off to find Dave.  I think he headed toward the putting green.

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