Sunday, July 22, 2012


I keep forgetting to tell you about our "neighbor" at Hagerman RV Village.   The motorhome next to us caught our eye because they had an ex pen set up outside, just like we always do.   They had two greyhounds, both females.  We noticed a big red wagon parked in front and wondered who used it, since they had no children with them.  Turns out, one of the dogs had "bad feet" and so they loaded her in the red wagon and pulled her all around the campground on their nightly walks!  At last, someone as crazy about their dogs as we are!

We left Hagerman around 10 (our usual time) and headed west on I-84 towards Boise,  The interstate on-ramps out here always make us laugh.  They have the cattle guards painted on instead of the actual grates in the road - stupid cows....

We entered Oregon just west of Boise and turned northward, towards our destination of Baker City, in the northeastern part of the state.    The mountains were tall and yellow,  they looked like golden velvet stretched over a bumpy floor.  Where the Snake River cut through, the color changed to emerald green.

There were large sections, however, that showed the signs of a very recent wildfire.  We drove by miles and miles of blackened grass.

We're settled in our site at Mt. View RV Park in Baker City, Oregon and we'll stay here until Wed. morning.  That  will give us a few days to explore this area.  I'd like to visit the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center and perhaps drive up to at least the overlook into Hell's Canyon.  I don't think we'll have time to really delve into this interesting, wild area, but a look will be better than nothing.

site 122 - an end, just what I like

see Dave sitting in the chair, talking on the phone to Jesse? ( we're really putting mileage on these chairs, Tom! )  Lewis was watching for me.  I walked out of the fence in front of Beluga to take a picture of our site, then returned to enter from the back.  he didn't know where I was, and it worried to keep everyone in sight you know!

Discovery - old and new
this is our new neighbor (for tonight at least)

Dave tells me it will be in the 40's tonight - Yay! - we'll be able to sleep with the windows open and the air conditioning off for the first time in a long long time.

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