Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Missing the Ring of Fire

Here it is July 3 and we're not enjoying the Ring of Fire on Conesus Lake for the first time in I don't know how long.  We miss all our friends, the lovely warm evening, the booming, echoing light show, the great conversations, the good food provided by everyone, the wine, the smell of exploded fireworks, the hot bonfire and flaming marshmallows, the laughter, the candles, all of it. 

Its not our lake, but it was a pretty spot on this hot, hot day

I had nice conversations with Barb Sturm, (Happy Birthday!) and Cindy/Walter Pond this evening.  Cindy, Walter and Geneva were trying to keep the tradition alive at 4975 by dipping strawberries in Grand Marnier/sugar and building their own bonfire.  I know they enjoyed the fireworks.  Thanks guys.

We're still in Pueblo (Colorado City) Colorado and won't see or hear any fireworks tonight or tomorrow.  Its a good thing.  Fire in any incarnation is a bad thing here.  Its terrifically windy tonight but the temperature has cooled off nicely and we're enjoying the fresh air instead of stale air conditioning.  Thunderstorms are dancing all around us, but I doubt we'll see any action.

I spent a good portion of the day figuring out where we'll stay in Seattle and when we'll arrive.  It took longer than I expected to find accommodations, evidently summer is a busy time for campgrounds.  Previously, we only traveled during the spring and fall, and never ran into completely booked parks.   Summer is a different animal.  Another challenge.

Happy Holiday!

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  1. It was a lovely evening to be at the Lake ...summer shower had cooled the air a bit and when we arrived, boats were busy on the lake, folks were preparing for the festivities, the sides of W.Lake Rd had cars packed like little sardines and the Sheriffs' cars were in force. We had a campfire and gathered our three chairs and one of the benches for our table...strawberries and grand marnier were the delicious culmination to a long day! And we thought of our travelling friends ...and reminisced. Fireworks were grand as the night came upon us, including these new little lit balloons going up everywhere...very cool and peaceful. A nice contrast. We'll find some for next year. I think we may have had a few newcomers to the lake who were battling it out for "most spectacular fireworks." Some sprinkles of rain for the last 20 minutes but we didn't want to leave yet. Looking forward to 7/3/2013.