Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday - busy day

We woke up to rain this morning, again.....we're not liking it.  By the time our second cup came around, the sun had come out but it was still too cool to enjoy it outside.  One good thing, we dunked the last few,  ahem, broken cookies (from Judi)  that we didn't bother to frost.    Mmmm they were so good.

We had scouting plans today, so we got cleaned up and drove away before lunch.  We stopped at the Post Office, Walmart (replacement GPS), ate a semi-yukky mexican lunch and then looked for a self service doggie wash.  The desert dust needs to be washed off our crew, but its pretty cold here to do it outside.   The doggie wash place was tiny and very very busy - not good for Lewis, so we'll just let things slide....

We've made a bit of a plan change after checking out Paul and Nina's choice of RV Resorts on Mission Bay.  The campground is nothing special, a parking lot with lines really, but its location is very interesting to us.  Right now we're at a lovely park in Santee, about 20-50 minutes out of the city, depending on traffic.  Sites are large, lots of green space,  lovely lakes and quiet atmosphere.  Cute cabins on one of the lakes for Jesse and Erin to use - but, the rain induced mud, the increasingly aggressive coyotes and the distance from the city have made us re-think our choice.    So....on the 22nd we'll pack up Beluga and move all of us into Mission Bay RV Resort.  We've booked a lovely room for Jesse and Erin right down the street for the remainder of their stay t and reserved a so-so site for us at Mission Bay RV Resort, right on the water.  I guess we just can't have the perfect situation here, so we're trying all options!  A golf course, a huge dog off leash island, disc golf course, lots of restaurants and things to do, plus the OCEAN, won out over a calm campground for the second half of our stay and thats OK.

No pictures today, we were moving way too fast.  We even had to postpone a BBQ dinner with Pam and John.  We look forward to it tomorrow night instead.

I'm off to do a few loads of laundry, wrap a couple presents, maybe wash the dinner dishes and then to bed. Tis the season!

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  1. I am relieved that you're leaving the coyotes behind ...nothing to mess with. Glad that Paul and nina had suggested another point in pushing luck here.

    Do It yourself Doggy Wash: Gotta love California.