Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday morning - Galetta Meadows

As I said in my last post, yesterday was quite a day.  We spent a wonderful magical afternoon exploring the desert by car and on foot in a place called Galetta Meadows (why "meadows" I don't know, but thats the name!).  It is a wonderland of enormous, marvelously strange and beautiful metal sculptures.  Their size and placement in the desert belies their intricate detail.   Walking around them, under them, behind them Dave was just muttering and shaking his head in amazement.  There are dinosaurs, giant sloths, camels, horses, a giant scorpion, a collection of vineyard workers tending to vines made of metal, a monk walking through the desert with his dog, a jeep climbing a pile of boulders, complete with its occupants hanging on for dear life, desert tortoise families, and a fantastic serpent snaking through the desert and UNDER the road.
I know there are others, but we were just overwhelmed with what we did see.  Perhaps later we'll do more exploring.

this monk and his dog really look like they are walking through the desert

can you see Dave?

Uh Oh

waiting our turn

hang on!

look at the detail in her hair - even fly away strands!

Ouch!  got to be careful walking around here

giant sloth with baby 

this serpent is the newest addition, it cost $40,000 to create and took 4 months
The whole thing is HUGE and looks like it is going under the road

After our exciting morning, and our delightful desert afternoon we finished the day with a lovely dinner at a real gem here in Borrego Springs, The French Corner restaurant.  What a day.

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  1. Oooh ...from the hot desert to the likes of the French Corner. 'Bout knocked my socks off! You are surely living the good life (and once Erin and Jesse know about those recipes for possible desserts while they're visiting ...well, ya just better watch out! Sue's in the kitchen!)