Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday - second post of the day!

Two posts in one must look like I have nothing to do but type!  

Actually, the post below was in response to a number of comments about "Foof" and I realized not everyone knew who I was talking about, so, now you do!

Lewis really missed his little black pal today.  Dave and I were talking about her (Polly) this morning, about how nicely the two dogs played together, and how fun it was to watch them gently chide each other into a chase and chew session.  We noticed that Lewis had jumped on the couch and was looking out one window and then the next, right at the spot where Paul and Nina's coach used to be.....then he ran to the door and stood waiting for it to open!   Sometimes it opens and Polly bursts in....

Do I hear Polly at the door Dad????

We went into Palm Springs for lunch and a last walk around. Oh, and a last Wild Coyote Margarita...

gotta love that crunchy salt on the rim 

We've been here a month and there are still  things on our "to do" list that we didn't do.   One of them was to take the Architecture Walk with the Palm Springs Museum people.  There are so many wonderful examples of  Mid-Century Modern architecture here.  Just so we didn't leave without a single picture, we  drove down Vista Chino to at least  find the famous Kaufmann House.  It has been called one of the most important examples of Desert Modernism and was designed by Richard Neutra in 1946.  The house was commissioned by the same man (Edgar Kaufmann) who later contracted with Frank Lloyd Wright to build Falling Waters.

It is a private home, so we could only drive by, but I was happy to see it isn't behind walls and gates.  Its setting in the desert is beautiful, looks like it grew there.  Thanks for telling us about it Jess.

Speaking of Jesse, I spoke with him today and found out that he has a terrible case of Poison Ivy!  He has never had an allergic reaction to it in his whole life, but evidently one can develop an allergy at any time, yep...          He got it from Ruby no less!  So he's not a happy camper right at this minute.

Thats about all for today folks!

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  1. Yup, I know exactly what Lewis is experiencing ...sometimes I look out my french doors at the house up on the hill but no one seems to be around. :((

    I'll email Jesse some info on poison ivy.