Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday - rainy day in San Diego

RAIN!!!  It started raining in the middle of the night - just a few drops at first.  Within a few minutes it picked up to become a real downpour and stayed that way until well into the afternoon.  I have to say, we haven't missed walking the dogs in the rain.  Full rain suit, wet, muddy dogs, lots of soggy towels hanging everywhere, yuk.

I spent this dismal day frosting and baking Christmas cookies   Dave and I had a good phone conversation with Barb Sullivan after lunch.  She's planning her California trip right after New Years and we had a lot to gab about.  I can't wait to see her when we get back to New York.

a good start
Dave is always happy to help

Dave followed up on the MVP debacle he's been chasing for months.  Fingers crossed this time will be the charm.   While on hold for the umpteenth time, he stared out the window.  Guess who he saw!  I grabbed the camera and ran to the bedroom just in time to catch the coyote trotting by our picnic table.  I guess they aren't just out in the dark!

just moving through

its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It really felt like the holidays here today.  Cookies cooling on racks, Christmas lights up and lit, and the anticipation of new friends arriving for a good visit.  How nice... Pam and John ( and Hans and Lisa (, fellow travelers came by this afternoon bearing wine, beer and goodies.  We all talked a mile a minute about ourselves, our lives, our rigs, our travels and time flew by.  Who knew we'd meet such interesting people on our travels.
I totally forgot to take out my camera, so I've no pictures of the group.  I know our paths will cross again this winter, so I hope I'll have another chance to get a picture for you.

Cindy P and Walter's new addition arrived and she sounds like a pip!  She's made good friends with little Luke and has been put in her place by Bijou so she is finding her place.  I'm so looking forward to getting down on the floor with her in a few months.

Glory - just flew in from Miami

pink sunset clouds over Beluga


  1. Just seeing those Christmas cookies makes me hungry!!! Lucky erin, jesse and dave! Cookies are one of the best parts of the season!

    How were the coyotes last night? Not many predators for them, right? Maybe cars when the coyotes get distracted? Stay safe. I don't imagine Lewis or Sasha want to mess with them at all!

    Thanks for posting the pix of Glory ....she's a pip all right! If there's any activity anywhere, she's in it! It's not like she's a dachshund on amphetamines BUT maybe some high dose of caffeine! Very busy little girl with places to go and things to do!

    The land sold this fall of Ken Book's and the new house is going up now on Reservoir rd.

  2. Thanks so much for hosting happy hour, it was great getting to know you!

    I thought of another couple of Mexican restaurants that might work for you:

    El Comal on Illinois Ave. In particular I recommend the Cochinitas Pibil.

    Ranchos Cocina is in Ocean Beach and in North Park. They are a more typical Mexican restaurant, with a heavy focus on vegetarian, and they have interesting decor. I LOVE the seafood chili rellano!


  3. Thanks for having us over for holiday cheer and the beginning of new friendships! We had a great time and look forward to more good times in the future. I can't believe we didn't take any pictures! I had my phone in my pocket and never thought to snap that picture...darn! Next time!