Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday's are often scary

Rain overnight, again....but by the time we were ready for our second cup the sun had broken through and we were all able to get outside again.  Thank goodness we have large mats on the ground outside Beluga, because the rest of the area is quite muddy.  The deep puddles have at last soaked in, so we have hopes for more time outdoors.  This campground does not allow any ex pens or show fences outside, so Lewis and Sasha have to either be on a leash or a tether.  Not our favorite.  Somebody always gets tangled or caught around something, but rules is rules I guess.  We were told that the fences aren't allowed anymore because of the encroaching coyote's and the probability that some one would leave their dog outside in an ex pen, thinking they were safe.....

Saturday is always a busy time at campgrounds.  People bring their kids for a weekend outing, and kids bring scooters, skateboards, bikes and strollers.   They also bring fear to a little pea brain.

When kids start flocking together on their bikes and scooters, Lewis quietly crawls up on Dave's lap.

"are you sure they can't see me Dad?"

Sasha loves the sunshine, she's completely oblivious of the scary, wheeled  goblins flying by
We got a lot done today, choc. truffle cookies baked, car cleaned, presents wrapped, a bit of poodle mowing, groceries purchased and a delicious bbq dinner at Phil's with our new friends and fellow Discovery owners Pam and John.  We had a great time comparing notes and licking our fingers.

Jesse and Erin arrive tomorrow, we're all ready for them.


  1., you're all set for the Holidays! Cookies baked (and eaten!), decorations up, household chores done, clean sheets in the motel room for the kids, dogs groomed, and coffee drunk. Enjoy each and every day.

    Maybe I could send you the 8lb wild woman in our home and she could give Lewis some tips on how to act like a big dog--she is one tough cookie. Where there's activity, she's in it! Noise, she's right there checking it out. All day long. I'm tired just watching her.

  2. Love "tiny" Lewis sitting on dad's lap! We really enjoyed dinner and the wonderful conversation last night. Thanks for suggesting it!